To navigate the intricate and ever-evolving landscape of Canadian politics and government, you need knowledge, experience, a nuanced understanding of public sentiment, and a well-lit path to the policy- and decision-makers who can enact change, take action and provide the solutions and outcomes you need to win.

You need a NorthStar.

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Our Team

Your Guiding Star in Canadian Government Relations and Public Affairs.


We are a team of seasoned Liberals and Conservatives who know the ins and outs of how things get done in Canadian politics and government. We are your dedicated public affairs partners.


Why Choose NorthStar

We are Experienced, Contemporary & Knowledgeable Team Players

At NorthStar, we believe that policy depth and knowledge must be foundational to achieving desired public policy outcomes. Our team is composed of former political staffers, public policy experts, and seasoned consultants who have been in senior decision-making roles inside government. We have deliberately built a formidable team that works specifically in sectors where we hold public policy expertise. We know how today’s decision makers think and what matters most to them.

Additionally, we believe in the power of traditional advocacy fueled by data and insights, paired with the most modern tools and approaches designed to create awareness, engagement and action. That’s how we ensure we’re protecting and advancing the interests of our clients every day.



Our team is composed of former political staffers, public policy experts, and seasoned consultants who have been in senior decision-making roles inside government. We know how today’s decision makers think and what matters most to them. Simply put, we know how to get it done.


Drawing on our in-depth understanding of the political landscape and public policy, we offer tailored strategies to engage with government stakeholders. Our role is to equip our clients on how to best communicate their story and their needs, open doors, and ensure your perspectives contribute to informed policymaking.


We’ve partnered with spark*insights, a rising leader providing fast, affordable and quality public opinion research to formulate strategies that resonate with government and political audiences, and drive results.

Our Services – Let us be your NorthStar

In high stakes, must-win situations, you need strategic counsel that you trust and advice you can’t get anywhere else. 

We work hard every day to be the eyes, ears and boots on the ground our clients need. We stand ready to put our experience, knowledge and networks to work for you.


Advocacy, Government Relations & Public Policy Support

Drawing on our team’s extensive experience inside government – federally and in provinces across Canada – we help our clients navigate today’s government affairs space. Our deep understanding of how public policy is shaped, legislation is crafted, regulations and policies are developed and how the wider machinery of government works, ensures the interests of our clients are advanced by the right policymakers, influencers and decision-makers. We don’t just get you through the door, we ensure you become part of the agenda.

Campaigns that get results

At their core, campaigns are a zero-sum game that you either win or lose. Our team has worked on winning local, provincial and federal elections and leadership campaigns and we bring that winning edge to every bespoke campaign we develop and execute. Whether you need to win hearts and minds broadly or simply need to narrowcast to a specific set of targets, we offer a ready-made campaign team that will help you win.

Developing your story and bringing it to life

Today’s never-ending news cycle and multi-platform mass media landscape means the so-called “strategic communications” of a decade ago is obsolete. At our core, know how to craft narratives that are compelling and captivating. From scripting to staging, we offer an end-to-end set of communications services that use every 21st century tool available.

Procurement and business development support

Just like other businesses of all sizes, governments buy goods and services every day. From Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions to massive procurement of equipment to advance and protect Canada’s security and defence, our team has an unrivaled line of sight into how government procurement and the wider decision-making processes are inextricably linked in today’s public sector landscape. We can help you develop and execute public affairs strategies that speak to these present-day realities and create the conditions that lead to your commercial success.

Crisis Management and Seizing Opportunity

In turbulent times, we are your calm in the storm, guiding you through the problem-to-solution matrix that is omnipresent in the public affairs space. We’ve done this for companies, industry associations, and politicians of all stripes and we stand ready to do it for you. When you need someone in your corner, we are the go-to team you can count on.

Stakeholder Engagement & Coalition Building

When you need to secure a public policy outcome, leveraging and activating other like-minded groups can ensure your collective voices get heard. We have built winning coalitions that get the attention of policy- and decision-makers and achieve desired outcomes. We will help ensure you turn your single voice into a chorus of support, in order to get the job done.

International Business Advisory and Investment Attraction

We offer specialized advice and support for international business ventures (inward and outbound), covering risk assessment, due diligence, market entry, investment attraction and public-facing or investor relations campaigns to position your brand for global success. Across leading sectors of the global economy, capital can be scarce, and competition is fierce. Adding us to your team can give you a competitive edge.

Connecting You with Government Services, Supports and Financial Assistance Programs

Governments around the world are recognizing that in a fiercely competitive global economy, they need to be actively involved in advancing the commercial interests of businesses in their jurisdictions. Our team has helped advise governments on how best to do so and we know what services and financial assistance programs are being offered to help businesses grow, scale and achieve success at home and in markets around the world. Let us help you scale, de-risk and achieve year-over-year growth.

Media Relations & Story Pitching

NorthStar excels in crafting and delivering compelling narratives to the media. With a deep understanding of media dynamics and a network of established relationships with journalists, editors, and media outlets, we ensure your story gets the attention it deserves. From press releases to op-eds, interviews, and media events, we manage all aspects of your media relations to enhance your public profile and achieve your communication goals. Our experience as former directors of communications for various levels of government gives us a unique edge in anticipating media trends and positioning your message effectively. Partner with us to amplify your voice and achieve impactful media presence.

Writing and Content Development

Clear, persuasive, and impactful communication is at the heart of any successful public affairs strategy. Our team of expert writers offers a comprehensive suite of writing services, including speechwriting, editorial pieces, white papers, policy briefs, and more. We specialize in developing content that resonates with your target audience, aligns with your strategic objectives, and drives engagement. Leveraging our extensive experience in government communications, we craft messages that cut through the noise and leave a lasting impact. Let us help you articulate your vision and drive your message home.

A powerful partner in spark*advocacy.

spark* is Canada’s leading firm specializing in awareness, reputation, advocacy and persuasion marketing and communications.

This partnership allows NorthStar to offer complimentary support related to branding, design, video, web, advertising, public opinion research and public relations services. All customized for advocacy and public affairs.