To navigate the intricate, multi-faceted and ever-evolving landscape of Canadian politics and government, you need experience, a nuanced understanding of public sentiment, and a well-lit path to the policy- and decision-makers who can enact change and take action.

You need a NorthStar.

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Our Team

Your Guiding Star in Canadian Government Relations and Public Affairs.


We are a team of seasoned Liberals and Conservatives who know the ins and outs of how things get done in Canadian politics and government. We are your dedicated public affairs partners.


Why Choose Us

We know the landscape, we know the people, and we have the determination to get it done.


Ottawa is full of government relations shops that run on reputation more than on results. We will never put tactics before strategy. We believe in the power of traditional advocacy fuelled by data and insights, paired with the most modern tools and approaches designed to create awareness, engagement and action. That’s how we get it done.



Our team is composed of former political staffers, public policy experts, and seasoned consultants who have been in senior decision-making roles inside government. We know how today’s decision makers think and what matters most to them. Simply put, we know how to get it done.


Drawing on our in-depth understanding of the political landscape and public policy, we offer tailored strategies to engage with government stakeholders. Our role is to equip our clients on how to best communicate their story and their needs, open doors, and ensure your perspectives contribute to informed policymaking.


We’ve partnered with spark*insights, a rising leader providing fast, affordable and quality public opinion research to formulate strategies that resonate with government and political audiences, and drive results.

Our Services

We see our role as being your north star, helping to navigate towards your desired outcomes and objectives. How exactly do we do that?


Government Relations Support

Drawing on our years of experience and deep understanding of how government works, we advocate for your interests by fostering meaningful dialogues with decision-makers crucial to advancing your goals. Our focus is on the Federal government, Ontario and Nova Scotia governments.

Crisis Management

In turbulent times, we are your calm in the storm, guiding you through the problem-to-solution matrix that is omnipresent in the public affairs space. When you need someone in your corner, we are your go-to. We’ve done this for companies, associations, and politicians of all stripes. And we can do it for you.

Stakeholder Engagement

Leveraging our first-hand understanding of Canadian politics, we enable you to participate in evidence-based dialogues that contribute to well-informed policy decisions.

International Business Advisory

We offer specialized advice and support for international business ventures (inward and outbound), covering risk assessment, due diligence, market entry, investment attraction and public-facing or investor relations campaigns to position your brand for global success.

A powerful partner in spark*advocacy.

spark* is Canada’s leading firm specializing in awareness, reputation, advocacy and persuasion marketing and communications.

This partnership allows NorthStar to offer complimentary support related to branding, design, video, web, advertising, public opinion research and public relations services. All customized for advocacy and public affairs.